Xu Hướng 8/2022 # Tổng Hợp 1563 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (God Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 5) # Top View | Dtdecopark.edu.vn

Xu Hướng 8/2022 # Tổng Hợp 1563 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (God Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 5) # Top View

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Bạn đang xem bài viết Tổng Hợp 1563 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (God Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 5) được cập nhật mới nhất ngày 14/08/2022 trên website Dtdecopark.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất. Cho đến thời điểm hiện tại, bài viết này đã đạt được 693 lượt xem.

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  • 501/ Do not suppose, however, that I intend to urge a diet of classics on anybody. I have seen such diets at work. I have known people who have actually read all, or almost all, the guaranteed Hundred Best Books. God save us from reading nothing but the best. _ Robertson Davies

    502/ There is no chance and anarchy in the universe. All is system and gradation. Every god is there sitting in his sphere. _ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    503/ You remember where you were doing each scene. 'Oh my God, it was so hot that day.' It's kind of cool to see a movie that you haven't seen in a long time and reflect on that stuff. _ Alexandra Daddario

    504/ I think number one is what my mom and dad pached to me when I was a little kid: Just because you may have athletic ability and you may be able to play a sport doesn't make you any more special than anybody else. Doesn't mean God loves you more than anybody else. _ Tim Tebow

    505/ For me, I've always believed that there was a God. I've always believed that God created the heavens and earth – so, for me it's not a huge leap from there to intelligent design. _ Ben Stein

    506/ I was raised – and still consider myself to be – Catholic, though I'm non – practicing and haven't fulfilled my Easter duty since sometime during the Nixon years. I'm assailed by all kinds of stimulating doubts, but I do believe in God. _ Thomas Mallon

    507/ God has a plan for you – I can promise you that. Your life is sacred. There is and always has been a path for your soul, and if you follow that path, it will lead you to the inner utopia that your soul longs to experience in this lifetime. _ Debbie Ford

    508/ The assurance of Heaven is never given to the person. And that's why at the core of the Christian faith is the grace of God. If there's one word I would grab from all of that, it's forgiveness – that you can be forgiven. I can be forgiven, and it is of the grace of God. But once you understand that, I think the ramifications are worldwide. _ Ravi Zacharias

    509/ A conviction that you are a daughter of God gives you a feeling of comfort in your self – worth. It means that you can find strength in the balm of Christ. It will help you meet the heartaches and challenges with faith and serenity. _ James E. Faust

    510/ God guides his church, maintains her always, and especially in difficult times. Let us never lose this vision of faith, which is the only true vision of the way of the church and the world. _ Pope Benedict XVI

    511/ I'm not really into religion, OK. I saw a lot of things I did not like when I got into organized religion. I think a lot of people abuse it, I think a lot of people use it, I think a lot of people make it what they want. And me, my faith and my relationship with God is very personal. And it's not anybody's damn business how we talk. _ Jake Roberts

    512/ I'm ptty much a good Catholic girl at heart and I believe in family. I also have a basic belief that God takes care of me. I believe in prayer, even though I'm not that religious. I just have that foundation from my family. I mean when you think that you're just a human being and one of God's creatures, you can't take anything that seriously. _ Catherine O'Hara

    513/ Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God. _ Christopher Hitchens

    514/ In 2006, 2 years ago, I made a very serious mistake. A mistake that I am responsible for and no one else. In 2006, I told Elizabeth about the mistake, asked her for her forgiveness, asked God for his forgiveness. _ John Edwards

    515/ God writes a lot of comedy… the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny. _ Garrison Keillor

    516/ If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under. _ Ronald Reagan

    517/ God will not look you over for medals degrees or diplomas, but for scars. _ Elbert Hubbard

    518/ God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say 'thank you?' _ William Arthur Ward

    519/ God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole. _ Ramakrishna

    520/ Great thoughts and a pure heart, that is what we should ask from God. _ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    521/ If God can work through me, he can work through anyone. _ Francis of Assisi

    522/ My word will never be as strong as God's word. All I am is just a vessel, doing His work. _ Kendrick Lamar

    523/ Sometimes God writes straightforward in twisted lines. _ Gloria Trevi

    524/ What you can show using physics, forces this universe to continue to exist. As long as you're using general relativity and quantum mechanics you are forced to conclude that God exists. _ Frank Tipler

    525/ Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god. _ Beilby Porteus

    526/ There is no uncreated being except God. God has no opposite. _ C. S. Lewis

    527/ I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation and is but a reflection of human frailty. _ Albert Einstein

    528/ There were times, especially when I was traveling for 'Eat, Pray, Love,' when, I swear to God, I would feel this weight of my female ancestors, all those Swedish farmwives from beyond the grave who were like, 'Go! Go to Naples! Eat more pizza! Go to India, ride an elephant! Do it! Swim in the Indian Ocean. Read those books. Learn a language.' _ Elizabeth Gilbert

    529/ God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man. _ Arthur Young

    530/ It doesn't matter who likes you or doesn't like you, all that matters is that God likes you. He accepts you, he approves of you. _ Joel Osteen

    531/ Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God's final word on where your lips end. _ Jerry Seinfeld

    532/ I wouldn't have dared ask God for all that He's given me. I couldn't have done it on my own. I thank God every day for what I have. _ Loretta Lynn

    533/ There's always an element of self delusion among people who believe they ought to be President. There's an underestimation of your opponent and an overestimation of your own abilities. This is compatible with being rich and powerful, the idea that we were blessed by God because we deserve to be blessed. _ Jimmy Carter

    534/ In a state of grace, the soul is like a well of limpid water, from which flow only streams of clearest crystal. Its works are pleasing both to God and man, rising from the River of Life, beside which it is rooted like a tree. _ Saint Teresa of Avila

    535/ What I see in the Bible, especially in the book of Psalms, which is a book of gratitude for the created world, is a recognition that all good things on Earth are God's, every good gift is from above. They are good if we recognize where they came from and if we treat them the way the Designer intended them to be treated. _ Philip Yancey

    536/ If we think that this life is all there is to life, then there is no interptation of our problems, our pain, not even of our privileges. But everything changes when we open up to the possibility that God's story is really our story too. _ Max Lucado

    537/ He was a wise man who originated the idea of God. _ Euripides

    538/ I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong? _ Willie Nelson

    539/ Hope is like peace. It is not a gift from God. It is a gift only we can give one another. _ Elie Wiesel

    540/ We say God and the imagination are one… How high that highest candle lights the dark. _ Wallace Stevens

    541/ Nothing escapes God's knowledge. This is proved by the witness of the Scriptures and the analogy of the sun, which, although created, yet by its light or heat enters into all things. _ Saint Ambrose

    542/ I am simply trying to struggle through life; trying to do God's bidding. _ George Lucas

    543/ If God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another. _ Epicurus

    544/ It wasn't until 2002 when I returned to WWE and until I had physically been out there – it was during the match when Kevin Nash blew his quad. That next morning, I was sitting on the plane, reading my Bible and the Book of Joshua, and this feeling came over me that I was back here for a reason. God built me to be a wrestler. _ Shawn Michaels

    545/ God always has patience. _ Pope Francis

    546/ I have a strong belief that there is a god or a higher power. I think that if you have a strong belief in that, then you won't feel alone in life and you will feel you can get through anything. _ Alana Stewart

    547/ I always pray for God's guidance in my life and he always provides it. He opens the right doors he shuts the right doors. And I have tremendous faith in him. He just guided my career in an amazing way. _ Ben Carson

    548/ God created paper for the purpose of drawing architecture on it. Everything else is, at least for me, an abuse of paper. _ Alvar Aalto

    549/ Beauty, the eternal Spouse of the Wisdom of God and Angel of his Presence thru' all creation. _ Robert Bridges

    550/ I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God's business. _ Michael J. Fox

    551/ We emphasize that we believe in change because we were born of it, we have lived by it, we prospered and grew great by it. So the status quo has never been our god, and we ask no one else to bow down before it. _ Carl T. Rowan

    552/ Some people have a hard time getting rid of stuff. If that's you, pray for God to give you the courage to get rid of things you don't really need or things He wants you to give away. This will help keep your surroundings organized and clutter – free. _ Joyce Meyer

    553/ There is but One God. His name is Truth; He is the Creator. He fears none; he is without hate. He never dies; He is beyond the cycle of births and death. He is self – illuminated. He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning; He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True. He is also True now. _ Guru Nanak

    554/ The dreams which reveal the supernatural are promises and messages that God sends us directly: they are nothing but His angels, His ministering spirits, who usually appear to us when we are in a great pdicament. _ Paracelsus

    555/ You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God. _ Tammy Faye Bakker

    556/ My failures may be my greatest successes. It is in failure that I have often drawn closer to God, learn to depend more on Him than myself, gained self – knowledge, and seen things in their right perspective. _ Mother Angelica

    557/ Sisters are brittle things. God was penurious with me, which makes me shrewd with Him. One is a dainty sum! One bird, one cage, one flight; one song in those far woods, as yet suspected by faith only! _ Emily Dickinson

    558/ Man doesn't dictate what you do or how you do it. If you believe in God, believe in God; have your faith in him. That's where my faith lies. _ Ray Lewis

    559/ Without moral progress, stimulated by faith in God, immorality in all its forms will proliferate and strangle goodness and human decency. Mankind will not be able to fully expss the potential nobility of the human soul unless faith in God is strengthened. _ James E. Faust

    560/ To believe in God is impossible not to believe in Him is absurd. _ Voltaire

    561/ I think I'm like most people – we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don't deserve to be feared. When you give God complete control, it's very hard not to be fearless. _ Rihanna

    562/ I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and rose again, and that's my belief. I still don't know what 'Christian' means. I'm a follower of Christ, but I keep making a whole bunch of mistakes. And I thank God for forgiveness. _ Sherri Shepherd

    563/ One of the greatest gifts God ever gave to humanity was that of liberty. We love freedom and bloom under it. We cannot and should not try to force people to live by a certain religious code. To do so negates our free will. _ Sam Brownback

    564/ If we want a great future in this world, we have to take God at his word, and God makes it really clear that society and civilization is held together by the glue of families… This is where the next generation of human beings are incubated and nurtured and matured – in homes. In families. _ Kirk Cameron

    565/ He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God. _ Aeschylus

    566/ Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. _ Albert Einstein

    567/ You learn from the things that happen in your career. You get up and down. You never give up. All the things that happened in my career, thank God it happened early rather than late in my career. _ Pablo Sandoval

    568/ A dark cloud is no sign that the sun has lost his light; and dark black convictions are no arguments that God has laid aside His mercy. _ Charles Spurgeon

    569/ If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. _ Woody Allen

    570/ Choose to be kind. Choose to forgive. Let your love grow and shine so that people may look at the example of your life and glorify God in Heaven. _ Victoria Osteen

    571/ One of the things I associate with God is a sunrise. How many sunrises have you missed over the years, and God created that? _ Donald Miller

    572/ If there is no God, everything is permitted. _ Fyodor Dostoevsky

    573/ And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected. _ Spike Milligan

    574/ The pine light which you carry within your soul is inherited from God because you are His daughter. Part of the light which makes you so magnificent is the blessing of womanhood. _ Margaret D. Nadauld

    575/ Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue. _ Eugene O'Neill

    576/ Everything that has happened to me in my life has defined who I am, and all of the things leading up to being governor, that all came from overcoming challenges in childhood and overcoming challenges as I got older. When you have God, you quickly understand there's nothing you can't overcome. _ Nikki Haley

    577/ God wants my life to be about being successful and being happy and blessing other people and being blessed. _ Miley Cyrus

    578/ Above all, remember that God looks for solid virtues in us, such as patience, humility, obedience, abnegation of your own will – that is, the good will to serve Him and our neighbor in Him. His providence allows us other devotions only insofar as He sees that they are useful to us. _ Saint Ignatius

    579/ Your basic person wants to talk about material culture, internet culture. I think about God, cats, nature. _ Billy Corgan

    580/ No attribute of God is more dreadful to sinners than His holiness. _ Matthew Henry

    581/ There's too much tendency to attribute to God the evils that man does of his own free will. _ Agatha Christie

    582/ I have nothing to ask for, thanks to God. Everything I have, God has given me. _ Mariano Rivera

    583/ If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise. _ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    584/ God judged it better to bring good out of evil than to suffer no evil to exist. _ Saint Augustine

    585/ When it is a question of God's almighty Spirit, never say, 'I can't.' _ Oswald Chambers

    586/ Young man, young man, your arm's too short to box with God. _ James Weldon Johnson

    587/ It is not God's will merely that we should be happy, but that we should make ourselves happy. _ Immanuel Kant

    588/ Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. _ Vincent McNabb

    589/ Among my friends, I'm not a little Boy Scout, and they love my humor, thank God. _ Don Rickles

    590/ We sing inspirational songs, songs of praise and worship, and about how good and how big God is. We are magnifying the Lord. _ Fred Hammond

    591/ Be certain of this: that the highest aim of creation and its most important result are belief in God. The most exalted rank in humanity and its highest degree are the knowledge of God contained within belief in God. _ Said Nursi

    592/ Marriage helps young couples to raise themselves towards God. The bond of marriage unites two souls so firmly that though they are physically two separate entities, their souls are merged into one harmonious whole. _ Dada Vaswani

    593/ I grew up with my mom being very, very cheap, so when it's free, I'm like, 'Oh my God, it's free – I have to take as much as I can!' _ Anne Wojcicki

    594/ I can't say that I'm always writing in my head but I do spend a lot of time in my head writing or coming up with ideas. And what I do usually is write the music and melody and then, you know, maybe the basic idea. But when I feel that I don't have a song or just say, God, please give me another song. And I just am quiet and it happens. _ Stevie Wonder

    595/ If you get simple beauty and naught else, you get about the best thing God invents. _ Robert Browning

    596/ Tell me who is able to keep his bed chaste, or which goddess is able to live with one god alone? _ Sextus Propertius

    597/ It's easy to write for God and about God, because what a thrill to remind the church that the Holy Spirit of God is in you. What a rush! What an amazing blessing! _ Francis Chan

    598/ Thou art my single day, God lends to leaven What were all earth else, with a feel of heaven. _ Robert Browning

    599/ Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can, and you'll get to where God wants you to be. _ Joel Osteen

    600/ If you're in a car crash, you're mostly involved in trying to not go off the bridge, and later on you say, 'Oh my God!' _ Ben Bernanke

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